Mighty101 Reviews & Testimonials

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Mighty101 Reviews & Testimonials

Boat cleaning, Best boat cleaner 2021, Best bot cleaning productHello, I wanted to share my review of Mighty 101, if your hesitant to try-Don’t Be! I have an old boat covered in Algae that I hate to clean before fishing season. I sprayed Mighty 101 inside the boat and the Algae wiped easily away. A four hour job only took me one hour.

I tried it out by washing my wife’s car and one packet did a great job. It really does do well cleaning brake dust

from wheels. I sprayed it on some tar that was behind the wheel well and then wiped it easily away.

I took a sample to my son and his wife cleaned their whole kitchen with it and it worked great! He even cleaned his grill with it (I was a little worried about that one) but once again it worked well. I’m more excited than ever to promote this product!


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