Bespoke Landing Page

Mighty101 bespoke landing page

Thank you for ordering the Mighty101 bespoke landing website pages. Please fill in the fields in below. Please note, the paragraph box at the bottom of the page allows you to add additional content specific to your marketing needs we can add to the landing page.

All fields must be filled in.

Form Overview

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Affiliate Number
  3. Your Country
  4. Phone Number for WhatsApp enquires
  5. Your Email
  6. You will need to provide me with your idea of a website title, don’t worry, I will experiment with it and come up with the best title for maximum SEO
  7. I need three single keywords, not long tail keywords. I will do that research.
  8. Name one country where you feel you will get the most orders.
  9. Provide me with personal additional content that I can amalgamate with Mighty101 content.
  10. You also can provide one external link to your own website,
  11. In addition, you also can provide me with three photos including your profile picture.

Please Remember this is going to be a developing progress, so don’t worry I will work at your pace and as soon as you are ready to go let me know.

All the best.