Mighty101 affiliate

Welcome to the mighty101 affiliate program.

Becoming a Mighty101 affiliate could not be simpler, and the benefits are very lucrative, with an astonishing 35 to 50% commissions available. Yes 35 to 50% commissions!!!

Become a Fulfilment Center with over up to and over 100% commission. Yes, 100% Commissions.

So how do these two programs work?

Mighty101 Affiliates.

  • Sign-up to the affiliate program. Link Below.

  • After careful consideration of your application, we will provide you with your own unique affiliate link.

  • We will pay payouts on the 15th day of the month using Paypal.

  • No minimum payout.

    Affiliate Commissions

    Up to first 5 sales per month 30% payout per sale.

    6 to 11 sales per month 40% per sale.

    12 sales and over per month 50% per sale.

    Sign-up Here

    Mighty101 fulfilment center

    Become a Boss: Mighty101 Fulfilment Center.

    If you were already a fulfilment center with SFI, we would really love to talk with you, however if you feel this is a conflict of interest, we fully understand and will be happy to refund your deposit and pay any outstanding commissions. So how does a fulfilment center work.

  • Instead of taking a deposit, we charge you a fixed fee for each sachet.

  • We provide free shipping.

  • Build you a free website

  • Run a free Facebook advertising campaign.

  • You have no restriction on package sizes and how much you charge.

  • You keep all the profit.

  • You control your own country affiliates.

  • Provide you with your own Mighty101 Email Address.

Find out more here.