Mighty101 SFI Statement

SFI Statement * Please Note*

Affiliate Sign-up and ordering of Mighty101 has been put on hold until Tuesday 5th October. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sfi Statement, Mighty101

Update: James Morris 50% ownership shares are availible for sale.

Email James@mighty101.com

Dear SFI Affiliates,

On the 30th day of September, I requested to suspend Mighty101 on the TripleClicks platform. This was because financially Morris Clean UK Ltd has been breaking even and probably been losing money for the past ten months.

To sum it up more precisely, Affiliates make good commissions, Fulfilment centers get commissions and handling fees, SFI take a percentage.

Then we have to consider manufacturing costs, free postage costs, packaging costs, website and hosting, etc.

Everybody got paid but us!!!!!

I have been in discussion with Chris over the past months for him to consider buying 40% of my company shares, (at an amazingly low price of £7500.00 ) Yes! Seven thousand five hundred pounds???? which would give him complete control of Morris Clean UK Ltd and the brand, therefore, he and Gery could move forward in whatever direction they wish to go.

I have emails I am prepared to make public of which Chris declined to buy those 40% shares because a senior member of SFI refused to buy them at an over-inflated price offered. (150K) The 150k in my opnion was the whole reason behind this decision being made.

So what now? I am happy to allow Mighty101 to return to the TripleClicks platform, but sadly, without myself being involved, and would require me selling my shares to a third party.

All outstanding orders are being posted out on Monday 4/10/21 from our Thai distribution center and if any affiliates have concerns or questions, please email me: james@mighty101.com or add me to WhatsApp: 07404 899 903 where I would happily chat with you.

Any FCs wishing to close please provide an upto date stock check and email james@mighty101.com


Q. Did Morris Clean UK & SFI have a contract?

A. No, Mighty101 was an ECA Store under the name of Morris Clean UK LTD.

Q. Did SFI develop the brand name, logos and paraphernalia?

A. No, the branding was developed by my wife and I developed all documentation and website design

Q. Who owns the intellectual property of Mighty101?

A. Morris Clean UK Ltd, of which both Chris and I are directors with a 50/50 holding.

In conclusion, I have moved in a different direction and would be very contented with a 10% interest in a product with good standing since 2002. I believe this is the correct decision not only for me but for the future development of the brand.

However, if I can’t move my shares, I am more than happy to make Mighty101 available for everyone at Mighty101.com.

I can fully understand people’s frustration regarding my actions, but I really have to consider the financial implications of my family in the direction the product was going. Surley the point of business is to share the wealth?

The reason behind this statement is to answer some of the hurtful content on the forum, I created the powder that really is a product that helps everyone. Thank you for your support. Shame on you.

Once again, I wish to thank you all for the journey.

Sometimes, something comes along that is bigger than ones self!

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