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Mighty101 Makes Complete Sense Because, It replaces
Toxic-Cleaning Products for Less than 99 Cents. Buy Now
New product Mighty101 available at Tripleclicks Store

At last, after 16 years of selling our amazing cleaning product to commercial and industrial businesses in bulk packs, we have found a brand new way to bring our multi-purpose cleaner that can replace almost every existing cleaning product in your home or small business to the domestic market. (Buy Now)

Introducing the amazing multi-purpose cleaning sensation we’ve called Mighty101, which is now available in sachets to save money, space & shipping costs. After all, why ship water from A to B when you can just ship our amazing powder formula … & add water wherever you need to use our product?

This remarkable product is a revelation in cleaning as it is specifically designed to be “One single product that has over a hundred and one uses.”

Only available at the TripleClicks™ Store (Buy Now)

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Designed with you in mind

18 years ago our Senior Engineer, James Morris, was selling a quality brand of liquid cleaner throughout the Caribbean. The product was being shipped from the USA in pallet loads of 5 gallon containers. James began to think that “there must be a better way” and so started work on formulating a powder that was light and easy to ship anywhere in the world and then simply have the water added wherever the cleaner was needed to be used. (Buy Now)

With a focus on helping our planet James decided to pack the new powder in recyclable sachets reducing the need for the usual bulky packaging associated with most cleaning products thus saving on fuel costs and storage space, too. Recycle the used sachets with the rest of your paper products.


People, Pets and Planet Safe

Mighty101 is Eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe to use around babies or infants in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other area around your home or office and, of course, it is 100% biodegradable.

Our ONE truly amazing product eliminates the need for virtually every cleaning product you are currently using – Mighty101 really does clean everything safely – saving you time & money by not having to buy a whole range of often toxic liquid cleaners. (Buy Now)



How is it different?

The key to our success is in the unique formula of the powder which allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to simply “add water”. Our amazing cleaner degreaser is packed into small sachets measuring about 100 x 65 x 3 mm, so orders can be delivered quickly and safely in standard sized envelopes via normal mail channels to anywhere in the world. (Buy Now)

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$ave! $ave! $ave! Less than 99 Cents

Initially we have created a choice of 3 money saving pack size options for you:
  1. There is a STANDARD PACK – 10 sachets + 1 extra FREE (= makes 11 spray bottle
  2. Then we offer a VALUE PACK – 15 sachets + 2 extra FREE (= makes 17 spray bottles).
  3. And finally there is the BEST BUY PACK – 25 sachets + 5 extra FREE (= makes 30 spray bottles).

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The more you buy ~ ~ ~ the more you $ave!

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For detailed “How-to-Use” Instructions & video tutorials please go to our Instructions page

Only available at the TripleClicks™ Store  (Buy Now)