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Welcome: Mighty101 is a formulated cleaning powder that once mixed with water will replace almost every cleaning product on the market. Mighty101 will clean just about everything and anything in your home, in and on motor vehicles, and even at your place of work. Less.: Than 99 cents Buy Now Offer

What makes Might101 a super cleaning product that is is  simple, mighty and 100% green.

Mission Statement

By the way, just in case you are wondering why we have not offered to send you a Spray Bottle with your Mighty101 sachets, it is really very simple – Morris Clean UK Ltd’s mission is to be “totally green”, so we cannot justify posting plastic containers around the world …. however, we have enclosed a waterproof “Mighty101” spray bottle label with your sachets for you to adhere to your own spray bottle. Than 99 cents Buy Now Offer

Fairtrade for Families

The power behind Might101 is not only in the remarkable formula, but in how we pack the product. We don’t use machines but invest in people to hand pack the sachets under strict quality controls. The benefit to the families financially is night and day. In fact, in Thailand our packing team makes more money in two hours hand packaging Mighty101 than the average living wage. Than 99 cents Buy Now Offer

Going Green To Keep Our Planet Clean!

What is Mighty101?

 How do you use Mighty101?

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