During the month of July 2021 we will rerun the first workshop presentation, (What is Mighty101?) This workshop is open for all all affiliates and non-affiliates on the following dates and times.

Please note that all times are British Summer Time. (BST) Please check your time HERE

Once you have checked your time zone, please click on one of the following workshop registering buttons below.

10 July 09:00 BST 17 July 13:00 BST 7 Aug 18:00 BST 31 July 21:00 BST

Workshop Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Mighty101?
  3. One Unique Product 101 Uses
  4. What Can You Buy That Offers So Much?
  5. How to Mix Mighty101
  6. Tools For Best Results
  7. What’s in the Packet?
  8. Size Matters
  9. Your Questions
  10. Conclusion